Group Retreats

St. Raphaela Center provides the perfect atmosphere in which individuals or groups of any religious tradition can come together to think, plan, pray, reflect, and grow. We are able to host groups that range in size from 2 to 80 people.  We have bedrooms that are single, double or triple occupancy.

Since St. Raphaela Center is so conveniently located to Philadelphia and its suburbs, many Elementary, High School, and College groups are frequent visitors for day programs and overnight retreats. Many Parishes use our facilities, as well.  We also host a variety of programs and days of reflection for volunteer organizations and businesses who need a time and a place away from their everyday surroundings.

We often receive inquiries from various groups seeking a place to host their retreat.  We offer and provide them with the use of our facilities and the services of our staff while they enjoy their own program, run by the group coordinator or facilitator. Group retreats are normally day programs, but they can also be hosted for a weekend or several days, depending on the needs and desires of the group.

Many elementary, High School, and College groups have found St. Raphaela Center to be a student-friendly place, where they are comfort to sit and share and be themselves.  These school retreats are usually organized by the staff of the respective school. The Center Staff is here to assist with the planning of the meals, the using of the space, and the scheduling of activities. Student retreats are flexibly planned for evening, day, or overnight time frames.

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Special Retreats

A staff member can also help to develop and to lead a retreat for your group according to a chosen theme and the desires, needs, and dynamics of your group.  Such group retreats are normally day programs, but they can also be hosted for a weekend or several days.  This can be discussed between the coordinator and the staff member.

To make arrangements for any of these retreats, please contact us by phone (610-642-5715) or by email.

To facilitate your group's stay at St. Raphaela Center, please review these important guidelines.

For information about our rates, click here. Please note that costs may be negotiable; contact the Center to confirm.

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