The following are guidelines that you are asked to follow when you bring your group to the Center:

REGISTRATION: Fill out and submit a “Group Registration Form” each time your group is coming to the Center.

DEPOSIT: Submit a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit required for your group. Please note that your dates are not confirmed until your deposit is received and are available for others to reserve.  Thank you for your understanding.  

SCHEDULE:  Upon submitting your deposit, please submit your retreat schedule for review so that we may reserve meeting space for your needs.

ATTENDEES: Contact the Center 10 days in advance to finalize the number of attendees in your group. This final number is the number that we will use for billing purposes as we will prepare rooms and purchase food based on this number. Understand that if your group is larger than the specified number, your invoice will reflect that number.

FURNITURE: During your stay at the Center, we ask that any furniture that is moved be returned to its original location and that the Center be used and treated with respect.

DAMAGE: Any damages incurred during your stay at the Center will be negotiated.

CANDLES: Real candles are not permitted in the Center at any time in any place other than the chapel, with previous approval from the director. Battery-operated may be used in other locations.

FOOD AND DRINK: No food or drink is permitted outside of the Dining Room and nothing is to be brought in the Chapel. Morning coffee may be taken to your bedroom in travel mugs.

SUPPLIES: Each group will bring their own supplies (i.e. newsprint, magic markers, etc). An easel is available for your use. To use our copier there is a charge of ten cents per page.

TECHNOLOGY: WIFI is available throughout the Center. Some technology equipment is available for use. Please contact the Center for availability.

PAYMENT: We ask that final payment be received prior to or on the day that your group arrives at the Center.

We would appreciate your cooperation in following these important guidelines!
Please contact the Center if you have any questions. Thank you!



In addition to the guidelines for overnight groups, the following guidelines are to be carefully followed by student groups.

    • Beds must be made with sheets. No one is to sleep on top of the comforter. If sleeping in a sleeping bag, pillow cases must be on the pillows. [This may sound silly, but you wouldn’t believe what we have seen. Other people need to sleep here after you.] 
    • Food is ONLY permitted in the dining room and snacks may be stored and eaten in the basement. Absolutely no food is permitted in the bedrooms. [Absolutely none.]
    • No real candles are permitted outside of the chapel. If used in the chapel, prior approval must be given by the Director. [Wax spills, no matter where they are, are noticed.] To provide a prayerful environment for small group spaces, battery-operated candles are suggested.
    • In order to maintain the sacred space of the chapel, beverages (water, tea, coffee) are not permitted in the chapel.
    • Respectful attire is to be worn in the chapel. Casual wear normally worn for student retreats is acceptable (sweatpants, sweatshirt, slippers, etc.), but no short shorts, etc. [Guiding thought: would the nuns be shocked to see me wearing this in the chapel?]
    • The chapel is a place of prayer. Please help to ensure that all can experience this as a sacred place. [That is, God wants you to be comfortable here, but it is not a living room to lounge in. Keep your feet off of the chairs.]
    • The final morning of your retreat, please put your used sheets, towels, and washcloths into the pillowcase and bring it to the first floor laundry room. [Don’t bring the blanket or comforter; remember, you haven’t slept on those.]
Thank you for helping to make this a prayerful environment for your group
and a welcoming home for those who follow you!