Individual Retreats

An individual may make a retreat at the Center for a few hours, for a few days, or for an extended period of time. During this time, the retreatant may meet with a spiritual director or just spend some time in personal prayer or quiet reflection.

For information about our rates, click here. Please note that costs may be negotiable; contact the Center to confirm.

To make arrangements for an individual retreat, please submit this online form, or contact us by phone (610-642-5715) or email.

Sponsored Day of Prayer

We have one day set aside each month for individuals to come and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Center. The retreat begins with a common opening prayer to set the tone for the day, after which retreatants are free to spend their time in personal prayer or quiet reflection. There is also the option to have a session with one of our spiritual directors on staff.

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Silent Directed Retreats

Several times throughout the year, St. Raphaela Center offers several Ignatian-style retreats directed by the Center Staff and visiting directors. Retreatants meet daily with a trained spiritual director so they can become aware of and respond to God's action in their lives. Directed retreats can also be arranged on an individual basis at other times. 

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Women's Weekends

St. Raphaela Center hosts three women's retreat weekends throughout the year, usually in January, March and April. The themes of these weekends vary annually and are usually presented by members of the Center staff and a visiting priest. This is the only program at the Center exclusively for women and is a wonderful opportunity to grow in your faith within a supportive atmosphere.

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