Fall Directed Retreat

Date: September 19 - 4:00pm to September 26 - 11:00am


The Fall is such a beautiful time to make a retreat... so many colors to see and reflect on... so many changes going on in nature and maybe within you there are some changes that you need to spend some time reflecting on these changes. Well consider coming to Saint Raphaela Center for our Fall Directed Retreat which runs from September 19, 2019 through September 26, 2019. Our skilled staff directors will be available to direct your retreat through these days.

A directed retreat at St. Raphaela Center is a time of quiet in order to enhance attentiveness to God's voice within you and throughout your life. A reverent silence is maintained throughout the Retreat Center at all times including during meals. Each retreatant meets with his/her director daily for approximately 45 minutes.

Date: September 19 to September 26

Time: Starting at 4:00 pm

Cost: $535 - $625 (depending upon room choice)

Registration: No later than September 12, 2019

You can register online right now by completing this online form. You can also register via email (info@straphaelacenter.org) or phone (610.642.5715).


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