St. Raphaela Center is ...

... a large, beautiful home nestled in a wooded area of Haverford, Pennsylvania. It is a well-maintained spiritual center that offers the following air-conditioned facilities:

Main House

St. Raphaela Center is a Main Line stone mansion, which was formerly a single-family home before being acquired by the Handmaids in 1957. It offers both private and shared overnight accommodations. The maximum capacity, with sharing, is 55 beds, or we can accommodate a total of 28 people in private rooms. For those who require first-floor accommodations, there are 5 rooms that can accomodate a total of 8 guests.  The Center is fully air-conditioned.

House of Hope

The Handmaids recently purchased this property as an expansion of the ministry of St. Raphaela Center.  It is located conveniently adjacent to the Main House with a small pathway connecting the two properties.  This house has 10 single bedrooms and can accomodate a total of 15 overnight guests.  It has a breathtaking kitchen for it formerly belonged to the owner of the Carlino's Catering.  There are three different types of conference rooms that can hold up to 25 people.  There is also a small chapel that is ideal for a group of 10 to 12 people.  


Our chapel is a featured sacred space for worship, prayer, liturgy, conference presentations, and sacred music concerts. This glass-walled space offers a beautiful panoramic view in every season and can accommodate up to 100 people. All are welcome to visit the chapel at any time. You may join the Handmaids for Morning and Evening Prayer, daily adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and Mass, which is celebrated on a regular basis. The Chapel is equiped with a built-in projector and screen where presentations or videos appropriate for this sacred space may be shown. 

Sleeping Accommodations

St. Raphaela Center offers 3 floors of bedrooms that include single-, double-, and triple-occupancy accommodations. Rooms are furnished with beds, nightstands, bureaus, rocking chairs, and desks. Bed linens and towels are provided. Each guest should bring his or her own toiletries. There are no telephones, televisions, radios, or alarm clocks provided in the sleeping areas.

WIFI Access

The Center has recently been renovated to ensure strong WIFI access throughout the house, in all meeting spaces as well as in the bedrooms.

Dining Facilities

Meals are served in our spacious dining room, following a schedule with which guests are provided upon arrival. Meals are typically served "buffet-style," but other options are available. Coffee, tea, cold drinks, and snacks are always readily available, as well. This area seats groups of up to 100 people and offers a panoramic view of the retreat grounds.


The Library is located on the second floor and is both a quiet place to read and reflect and a source of books/readings by contemporary Christian writers.  The collection includes books on spirituality, devotions, meditation, contemplation, current issues, peace & justice, lives of the saints and church history.  All are welcome - retreatants, directees, friends and visitors - to come and browse and borrow books. We ask that you return the item so that others may also enjoy.


The St. Joseph Hermitage, located on the grounds of St. Raphaela Center, is an option for those who desire a “desert” experience during their time on retreat. The hermitage has its own private entrance and has a single-occupancy room with a full bath. There is also a microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker for your convenience. Of course, Hermitage guests are welcome to take meals in the main dining room if they desire. Please contact the Center for availability.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located in the backyard of the House of Hope and enclosed by four self-closed gates.  It is also nested behind row of trees to give it a beautiful surrounding and a fitting privacy for a peaceful swim during your retreat.  The shallow end of the pool is only 3 feet and the deeper end is 6 feet.  Please be aware that there is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY and that adults should not swim alone.

Gift Shop/Book Store

Located on the first floor next to the Board Room, our store features a wide selection of items including books, CDs, t-shirts, and greeting cards. You can also find a variety of religious and novelty gifts, along with items that help to promote the Center.

Meeting Spaces in the Main House

  • The Emmaus Conference Room is located on the first floor in the Main House. Spacious and versatile, it provides an ideal setting for all forms of presentations and activities. Wireless internet access is available, and it is equipped with a wall-mounted flat screen monitor that can accommodate computer (a laptop is available for use), DVD, and VHS displays. The conference room can comfortably seat 50 people. It is perfect for more structured group activities.
  • The Heritage Room is a large living room-like area that can be used as a gathering space for groups or a quiet area for reading or meditation by individuals. It can also be utilized as a break-out area for workshop activities. The room is carpeted, and with a few adjustments, it can be used for Yoga or stretching classes.
  • The Board Room is a more formal area with a large conference table and wireless internet access. This room is adjacent to the Heritage Room and can seat 15 to 20 people as a meeting space. It can also serve as an additional dining area for a more intimate meal.
  • The Sun Porch is a bright, airy room located at the far end of the first floor beyond the large conference room and is available for groups of 15-20 people. It is ideal for one-on-one meetings or informal discussion groups.
  • The St. Raphaela Mary Shrine is a small chapel dedicated to the Handmaids’ foundress. This intimate space can accommodate up to 10 people comfortably and has been used for prayer groups, as well as a gathering area.
  • The Gathering Room is located adjacent to the Shrine. With its comfortable living room-like setting, groups of 15 can be easily be accommodated for presentations and educational programs. Wireless internet, DVD, and VHS are available in this room.
  • The Lower Level Lounge is a large room located on the basement level and can fit 25–30 people as a meeting space or breakout session room. Younger groups often utilize it as a "rec" (or recreation) room to relax between programs.
  • The Gym is also located on the lower level, adjacent to the lounge area. Exercise equipment such as treadmills, steppers, a rowing machine, and weights may be used by our guests at their own discretion.


Meeting Spaces in the House of Hope

  • Formal Conference Room is located at the entrace to the House of Hope. This is elegantly decorated with formal sofas and counches.  The beautiful French window makes this room bright and spacious.  It can hold 15 -20 people comfortably.
  • Multi-purpose Conference Room is located near the kitchen with a beautiful built-in fire place for a casual and informal setting.  There are many 8-foot long tables available for you to creatively arrange into a configuration that best fits your group's need.  It can hold up to 25 people.
  • Cozy Conference Room is located near the backyard and swimming pool.  The high ceiling and built-in fireplace make this room spacious and cozy.  It is equipped with a wall-mounted flat screen TV that can accommodate any laptop. This spacious and versatile space is an ideal setting for all forms of presentations and activities for 25 people.
  • Sun Porch has the view of the beautiful backyard with its greenery and cascading waterfall and swimming pool.  The comfortable couches and seats make this space conducives for prayer and meditation.  It can also be a nice space for a small group meeting of 6 to 8 people.

Our Facilities

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Main House
House of Hope
Dining Room
Heritage Room
Board Room
Swimming Pool
Cozy Conference Room
Sun Porch - House of Hope
View of the Garden from the Chapel